Founder & CEO

Kavit Shah

Kavit has been working in the Kenyan Real Estate market since 2010, and has vast experience within the residential, retail, commercial and infrastructural sectors. Kavit has been co-CEO of Tilisi Developments Plc from 2013 and has since delivered several residential projects. He is responsible for the overall strategy and delivery of the Maisha Developments. Kavit graduated from the University of Warwick in the UK and is a qualified Chartered Accountant.


Sunita Patel

Sunita Patel is responsible for improving overall business functions by overseeing daily operations in; Sales, Legal, Finance, and Human Resource departments. This includes development and implementation of effective business strategies. She has been part of various real estate projects such as, Delta Properties Ltd, Solitaire Developments Ltd and Tilisi Developments PLC.

Marketing Manager

Viraaj Shah

Viraaj is in charge of all marketing activities at Maisha Developments. He has two years’ worth of experience in the hospitality industry and the real estate industry, with previous experience from Hotel Arts (Ritz Carlton) in Barcelona, Spain. In Kenya, he has worked in Radisson Blu Hotel and Tilisi Developments PLC. Viraaj has a BBA in International Hotel Management from Les Roches School of Hospitality in Switzerland.

Head of Sales

Kevin Mumbo

Kevin provides leadership to the sales team, creating, managing strategic partnership for Maisha Developments while also overseeing the sales process within the organization. He has over 10 years’ experience in both, the real estate and finance sectors. Prior to joining, he was working with Vipingo Ridge Limited as the Head of Sales. He has also worked in leadership capacity for First Avenue Limited, Gimco Limited and Housing Finance.

Sales Executive

Elphis Kathara

Elphis is involved with the sales at Maisha Developments. He is responsible to ensure that clients get regular updates on the progress of the development and client’s documentation is done efficiently. Before joining Maisha developments he worked at Global Trade Centre (GTC) and Tilisi Views as a Sales Executive.

Block 45 - Architects


Predrag Rajnovic

Predrag graduated architecture at University of Belgrade in 1992.
Since graduation Predrag practiced 8 years in Serbia, 6 years in Botswana and 14 years in Kenya. Architectural design involved a variety of hotels, shopping malls, high end residential, light industrial, interior designs etc. In addition, Predrag has significant experience in contract management, project management and planning.
Predrag is a partner in Block Forty Five LLP which was recently successfully converted from Block Forty Five sole proprietorship which has been established in 2008.


Joanna Hauber Hoff

Joanna studied Architecture at the University of Adelaide in Australia and graduated in 2002.
Following completion of her studies, Joanna practiced as a graduate architect in the UK and Australia before moving to Kenya in 2005. Her work in Kenya over the last 15 years includes extensive experience in high-end residential projects throughout all stages of design and supervision. Joanna also spent a number of years at UNON with one particularly notable project as project manager for the new green office building for 1200 staff.
Joanna is a partner in Block Forty Five LLP after working with Block 45 as a consultant since 2011.

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